Privacy Policy

At Ration, our goal is to help you consume curated content efficiently, we do not share your personal information with anyone. We also want you to consume consciously, so we will give you metrics to track your consumption over time. This product is still under construction, so this policy will evolve over time. For now, it is a document of intentions.

Information:

Users can create accounts using either an email address or by signing up with apple. We will never ask for additional information and we will never share your email address with anyone else. We will only send you emails in the event you need to recover your password.

Consumption Data:

If you are a Ration user, we will maintain information about the content that you consume. We will collect and store (i) all content that you interact with, (ii) data associated with those items, such as the time and date they were published, (iii) whether and when you viewed the content, (iv) tags and sources associated with all of these content pieces, and (v) information necessary to complete actions you may choose to take with particular items, such as saving, liking, recommending, or sharing to third party services. This data is only used internally to improve our recommendations to you within the app. We will not share data with any third parties. 

Curator Data:

If you are a Ration Curator, you are required to fill out profile information, but no personal information is required. When a curator adds a piece of content, that content metadata will be stored in Ration’s databases. We will store the data associated with each piece of added content and we will store the user interactions associated with each of these pieces. 

Legal Requests:

‍We will comply with legal requests when we have a legal obligation to do so.  But they can’t request what we don’t have, and we don’t expect to be able to provide anything. 


This application is still being developed, so we will update this Privacy Policy.  Any changes will become effective when we post the revised Privacy Policy, and it will always be up-to-date on the website.  If you keep using Ration after any changes are made, that means you accept all of the changes. If you don’t like the changes, no problem, you can just stop using the app.